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Integrated System Control



Entertainment & Hospitality Facilities are some of the most complex and technologically intensive businesses and are required to be active 24/7.


With an Intergrated System Control, you can streamline and automate all of the systems in your facility and take control of them from a simple touch panel or mobile device. You can even remotely monitor and control these systems via your existing LAN. This means that Audiovisual and Automation control are at your fingertips from wherever you need to be.


An Intergrated System can control any of your Audiovisual equipment from an intuitive User interface. The desired equipment is turned on, the correct settings are selected and your system is up and running.




  • No More Remote Controls

       No more frantic searches for the correct remote to operate that projector or screen.

  • One Button Power Control

       You will no longer have to walk through the entire venue switching on TV's and selecting the correct channel every morning. One press of the       

       button on your touch screen and your entire AV System comes to life! Previously defined default channels will be displayed, preferred audio will  

       be playing at the desired volume in the appropriate locations. Closing time is just as easy, one button press and the entire system will shut down

       for the evening.

      These functions can be simplified even further by scheduling system on and off commands to occur automatically at a time of your choosing.

  • User Friendly

       Any of your staff will be able to operate the User Interface. Whether you're a young tech savvy up and comer or a complete "Techno-phobe",  

       operating the system via a touch interface is easy.

  • Security

       If you would rather general employees not to make changes on the system, we can ensure that only authorised staff can access the control creen

       by use of a 4 digit pin code.

  • Council Compliance

       This is essential for venues where noise restrictions are in place . In conjuction with accredited Acoustic Engineers, we can limit your audio system

        so that the volume cannot exceed council requirements.


When it comes to Digital Audiovisual Networks, there's no contest. After years pioneering the use of Analogue Technology, Saltec continues to advance complete end to end Digital Network solutions.

As other companies are just entering this space, Saltec has been a leading choice for Digital Media in the Hospitality and Entertainment markets since 2011 with tested and proven installations in some of the most prestigious Casinos, Registered Clubs and Entertainment Venues.













We Install Supply and Program Crestron Control
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