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 IPTV is the Solution 


to keep your business moving forward

and in touch with the future











Saltec are an Industry leader in IPTV systems. IPTV is a complete source to display solution that manages and distributes all analogue and digital signals. Although the days of relying on components video systems to handle HD are numbered, we still need to intergrate analogue and digital signals for the mean time.This system provides a seamless upgrade path from analogue to digital without drastic changes to hardware.


IPTV is a flexible, scalable solution that uses lean infrastructure to distribute all audio, video, computer and embedded data signals including HDCP encryption (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

It's also less expensive to install than the traditional analogue infrastructure, replacing numerous cables with a single one, including control.System expansion is easy and cost effective. This technology provides a powerful architecture to manage the latest digital signal with plenty of headroom to handle whatever comes next.







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