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Audio Visual

Digital MATV

A network based system (IPTV) is not necessarily the answer for every venue.


With Analogue video phasing out, including in the manufacture of audio visual devices, a Digital Video Distribution system can provide your patrons with the quality of vision that they are familiar with from watching their big screens at home.


The upgrade of your system from Analogue to Digital can also be completed quite easily by making use of your existing co-axial cable network and adding a digitally encoded head-end to the system which will then provide HD digital channels to all of your digital televisions.

Essentially, we Encode (convert) all of your sources such as Pay TV, Music Video Systems, Keno and combine them with existing digital RF signals such as Sky Racing and Free to Air Television channels.

This means that all of your sources are available to all digital televisions connected to your DMATV system and changing between them is as simple as changing the channel!


Contact Us @ Saltec for more information about Digital MATV System

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