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Tired of Radio Microphones dropping out?

Never able to find the right microphone for the room you're in?


No problem,we have the answers. 



So your event, promotion or (even worse) Bingo is due to start and you're running around looking for the

"Microphone that works in that room"!


Saltec has the solution that will prevent you from ever having to go through this stress again. Combine this with our 25 years of Audio  Visual System Intergration expertise, and you'll have peace of mind every time because every mic will work in every connected area!


With the impending legislation changes thanks to the "Digital Dividend", Saltec has been heavily involved with compliance upgrades at many venues.


This being an opportunity to address legacies of incorrect system design, Saltec have the opportunity to take up all of the architectural challenges that were deemed "too hard" to solve by previous integrators.


With no two venues presenting the same challenges or requirements, a customised system can be designed specifically for you.

This means no more "out of the box" compromises.


At Saltec we are committed to ensuring that THE SHOW MUST GO ON, so if you're having trouble with dropouts, finding the right microphone or simply want to be ready for the Digital Dividend, give us a call. After all, starting the conversation is the first step to a

trouble free future!




Talk to us @ Contact Us

Starting the conversation is the first step to a trouble free future!

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Our Microphone Sytem
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