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LED Screens come in an array of shapes, sizes and packaging and the increasing quality of resolution is taking LED screen technology into areas where projection and video walls once once ruled.


LED’s collective benefits of modularity, very high brightness and excellent colour reproduction ensure suitability for the entire spectrum of performance applications.


Saltec service both the Indoor and Outdoor markets and has some of highest resolution LED screens in Australia and a direct relationship with the manufacturer.

Our clients expect to design their environments around a product that is both reliable and easy to install. And, of course,The honest quality with good back up support not to mention the power consumption of operating LED as opposed to older technologies.




Since the advent of flat-screen technology, there have been a few choices and users generally had their own personal preference between Plasma and LCD/LED televisions


The reality is that the area which the screen is to be installed, in conjuction with the planned usage (Video vs Signage) determines which will perform the best.


Saltec offers a wide range of Televisions & Monitors (both Domestic and Commercial) from all reputable manufacturers and is more than happy to assess the best fit for your requirements.


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